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Zocialab, Unique Social Technology StartUp

Originated in Hong Kong, Zocialab is a unique social enterprise providing opportunities to the all youngster group across the globe. We are dedicated to take the lead in Hong Kong and worldwide, to provide international empowerment experience in various form for youngsters.

Zocialab work closely with educators and local community. Users in zocialab platform will join the community service and rewarded with various oppourtunities. We believe globalization is influencing each of us from all background. With help from Zocialab, equal opportunities are provided to students and youngsters from any background. Zocialab aims at bringing equality and a wide variety of opportunities regardless of the financial or family background of youngsters. Zocialab also provides various services other than self-developed platform.

  • Conglomerated Business
  • Positive Social Impact
  • Sustianable Business Model


Zocialab platoform targets to expand youngster's international experiences. Opportunities are available through out the year. For more information, click below to browse the details.

Global Volunteer Power

We offered various community service oppourtunities for youngsters to widen their horizon.

Certified Workshops

With the accumulated hours, youngsters can exchange for certified workshops with no cost.

Smart Job Matching

The accumulated experiences from local community service and workshops breed youngster to be a society-caring professional. These experiences are accounted in our system.

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Participated in real society changing activities by becoming our member. Register to receive our latest newsletter. Be active in our projects and enjoy member exclusive benefits.


Join our journey in serving a better world and maintain a sustainable social business. Become our partners!

Expand your global network by becoming one of our partners. We link up the charity and social groups accross the world.

Flexible Partnership Program

We are looking for partners in sponsors,co-organiser in projects and more! We are also enthusiatic in helping our partner in various way!

Help Youngsters to Develop

We provide various education service and oportunities for youngster to widen their experience and vision. Raise your social influence by joining our family.

Expand Your Network

Expand your global network. Connected with different groups to establish your business or social vision.






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