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Zocialab Technology Limited is a company based in Hong Kong that envisions to make changes in the world by empowering people to achieve beyond their limits. Zocialab is in progress of various projects to increase the value of people and the society through the services and products that we provide. We seek to become the companion of our customers to hold their hands at the moment of need and facilitate the well-being of the whole.

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We seek to ease the pain of offline personal networking by bringing technological innovation to the business culture through our product, Connect. In and out of workplaces, not only the business owners, but also ordinary employees encounter countless situations where they meet new people and expand their personal network.

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Core Team Member with solid technology,business,marketing experience


Projects ongoing to extend young client's network


Timezone members working globally for clients network


New Generation Social Networking App

One App, Multiple Identity

Equip yourself with one app to manage your professional connections

Decentralised Social Network

Promote all of your social network in one platform in Conference,Eventings and Meetings

Mobile Devices

Exchange your namecard with smart devices with ease

Partners Nearby

Say Hi to your potential customers and partners with CONNECT

Global VolPower

New Generation Social Networking By Volunteering

Explore Volunteer Opportunities

Contribute to the local community and explore overseas volunteer experience

Validate Your Social Contribution Resume

Record Your social contribution with Global VolPower

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