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Zocialab Momentum is an innovative platform to solve the information inequality and lack of credibility in the global recruitment industry. We seek to initiate fair competition among job applicants and ease the recruitment procedure for employers by formulating a highly transparent and reliable employment platform through verifications and approved certifications from credible institutions and decentralized blockchain technology.

Zocialab Momentum understands the importance of the well-being of the world as a whole and we take the social responsibility through offering various volunteer programs for our users to contribute their expertise. Apart from charity, users will also have the option to freelance for general users who are in need for professional assistance and they will enjoy financial gains according to their task. As long as Zocialab Momentum's users contribute in professional freelancing or charity activities, they are able to exchange series of Zocialab Momentum verifications with the activities they have fulfilled on the Momentum platform. All verifications of activities will be recorded in the blockchain technology and it will provide transparency for the recruiters to reference. The records of activities can possibly transform into official certifications through negotiations with the institutions.

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Zocialab Momentum

We tailor-made a wide variety of products and opportunities to expand youngster's international experiences. Opportunities are available through out the year. For more information, click below to browse the details.

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